Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taliwang Chicken (Ayam Taliwang)

Taliwang Chicken (Ayam Taliwang)

Ingredients & spices :

1 whole chicken, butterflied and flattened
100 ml vegetables oil
1 lime. squashed


14 dried red chilli
12 shallots
8 clove garlic
100 gr tomatoes
2 tsp fried shrimp paste
2 tsp salt
25 gr javanesse sugar
5 cm Kencur (lesser galangal)

How to prepare :

Heat oil and saute spices paste unil fragrant. Remove from pan

Add lime squash to spices paste, mix well

Baste the chicken with spices paste until whole chicken covered

Bring to 180 degree Celcius oven for 1 hour. Turn over and baste again with spices paste once. Remove from oven.

Finnaly grill chicken slowly on charcoal until half dry

Ready to serve (Serve with remaining spices paste)

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