Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fish in Clear Soup (Kuah Ikan Bening)

Fish in Clear Soup (Kuah Ikan Bening)

Ingredients & spices :

850g Snapper fillet (or 1 Grouper Head if available)
1 teaspoon Vinegar
1 liter Water
2 cm Galangal, bruised
3 stalks Lemon grass, bruised
4 cm Ginger, bruised
1/2 tablespoon Salt
200 g Tomatoes, each cut into 4-6 pieces
3 Spring onions, cut into 3 cm lengths
8 Unpeeled shallots, roasted, peeled and thinly sliced
4 Red chilies, sliced (or whole for less spicy)
25 g Basil leaves
2 Lime, extract juice

How to prepare:

Rub the fish (or fish head) with 1 teaspoon lime juice and let it stand for 30 minutes, wash and drain.

Bring to the boil water with galangal, lemon grass and ginger. Then add salt.

After a few minutes, add fish head, tomatoes, spring onions and shallots.

Allow to simmer.

When the ingredients are almost cooked, add sliced chilies and basil leaves.

Simmer over low heat.

Before removing from heat, season and add lime juice to taste.

Note : You can add sugar if you like. If no fish head is available, you can use a whole fish.

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