Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Spicy Egg­plants (Terong Balado)

Hot Spicy Egg­plants (Terong Balado)

10 egg­plants
5 boiled egg or fried egg
10 large red peppers
1 tomato
5 onions or 1 medium sized large yel­low onion
3 cloves garlic
2 slices galangale
1 stalk serai (cit­ronella or lemongrass)
2 tbsp salt
½ tsp sugar

Cut egg­plant into medium size. Fry until it is brownish.

Cut onion, gar­lic, tomato, and red pep­per. Fry until it is with­ered. Blend it but don’t be too soft.

Fry soft spice, salt, and sugar in some oil. Add serai and galan­gale until it is fra­grant and oily.

Now put the fried eggplants and let it for just a while in order that the spice is soaked into eggplants.

Ready to serve.

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