Friday, August 5, 2011

East Java Traditional Black Beef Soup (Sop Rawon)


600g Beef rump
20g Ginger roots
30g Turmeric roots
50g Garlic

100g Shallot
50g Candlenut
20g Red chili
5g Kaffir lime leafs
30g Lemon grass

200g Black Nut (Kluwek) use the meaty part
10g Coriander Powder
2g Bay leaf (Salam)
20g Galangal
3g Cumin

Salt to taste
White Sugar to taste
White Pepper Powder
Cooking oil

Clean the beef rump and cut into cubes.
Blend shallot, garlic, ginger, candlenut, turmeric, red chili and black nuts (kluwek) until smooth.

Heat pan and put all blended ingredients and saute until cooked and fregrance.
Add beef rump cubes and water to make the stock.
Put kaffir lime leafs, salam, galangal, lemon grass and boil until beef is tender.
Season with coriander powder, cumin, salt and sugar according to taste.

Serve this soup with steamed rice, salty egg, small beans sprout, and shrimp crackers.

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