Friday, May 28, 2010

About Lelaki Memasak


Dear Friends,

Lelaki Memasak means the man who loves cooking! Yes, I love to eat and I love preparing dishes.

My name is Lelaki which is “man” in English. Don’t ask me why I was given the name “man”. My grand grand father gave me this name and my parents just accept it. I thought it was because they have too many children so they don’t really focus on their names but how to feed each of us, we are twelve brothers and sisters!

Thanks God, my mom love to cook and we all love to eat! But can you imagine cooking for 14 people, 3 times a day? Linda McCartney once said that “Cooking for six people every day is like having a cafĂ©” and my mom have to cook for 14, that's including my mom and dad.

What happened back there was we all help her in kitchen. That’s why all of her children can cook now, that’s including me!

This is a bit about me, I love to share and I hope I can get your responses back too, including your recipes if you care to share! If you have any suggestion to improve my recipes so my dishes can taste better, please let me know by dropping your comments on related article. Many thanks.

Lelaki Memasak

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