Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dodol (Glutinous Rice Traditional Candy)

Dodol (Glutinous Rice Traditional Candy)

750 glutinous rice flour
10 large coconuts
2 ½ kg coconut jaggery
2 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste
200 gm cashew nuts, chopped

Grate coconuts and extract coconut milk. To do this, grind the coconut with warm water. Strain this, squeezing the coconut as much as possible to extract the maximum amount of liquid. Discard the coconut leaving only the coconut milk.
Chop the cashew nuts and jaggery.

Sieve the rice flour. Add to the coconut milk. Stir well to avoid lumps.
Place on a slow fire and stir continuously in a deep pan.

After the mixture thickens slightly, add the chopped jaggery and stir. After about 5 minutes, add the chopped nuts.
Keep on stirring till the whole mixture is well thickened and begins to leave the sides of the vessel.

Pour into a greased dish. Leave to cool.
Cut and serve.

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